Totalitarian agriculture and our limited understanding of the economy

Oil palm produces palm oil, a cheap and therefore ubiquitous ingredient in modern foods. This oil palm plantation swallows the rainforest in Kalimantan. Palm oil is considered extremely harmful to Indonesian rainforests, a vital ecosystem that’s home to many endangered species. Several products in your home probably contain palm oil. Photo by Nanang Sujana/CIFOR

The VP’s progressive task force gesture doesn’t touch the most essential part of addressing climate change

A Shell Oil drilling platform. Recommendations from a progressive task force for Joe Biden’s climate change platform allow drilling, which activists say has to stop. Photo by Thomas Boyle.

Despite this victory for water protectors, Trump is still dismantling environmental protections

Photo shows: a Field Medic wearing camo and a red headband that reads: “Water is Life,” raising her right fist. A large wood fire behind her blocks a road. Fellow Water Protectors behind her also have fists raised. Photo by Avery White. Caption by Oceti Sakowin Camp.

So why do gaslighting pundits say otherwise?

A corn monoculture in Washington state. Only 3 percent of American corn is used for human consumption. The bulk, 37 percent, is used for feed. In the United States, 67 percent of all crops are used for feed production to grow beef, pork, chicken, and several other meat categories. Only 27 percent of all crops grown in the United States are consumed by humans. Photo by the Washington State Department of Agriculture.

An article with M copy

Protesters take the Black Lives Matter cause to Capitol Hill on and the White House on a second day of DC protests against the police brutality in the death of George Floyd. However, after days of taunts from the President, the protest had featured strong anti-Trump chants. Photo and caption by Geoff Livingston.

Some Christians think repentance is the solution to police brutality

A Christian preacher tells Black Lives Matter protesters they wouldn’t need to worry about police brutality if they accepted Jesus on Saturday in downtown Dallas.

A writer remembers killing A. anguilla

Cyprus Akamas — European eel (Anguilla anguilla) at Aphrodite’s Bath by muffinn.

This is the freedom of whiteness

Protest in response to the Philando Castile shooting by Fibonacci Blue.

It’s the environment

“I don’t believe in Global Warming”: Climate change denial by #Banksy

We don’t know how many animals there are

Jaycees measure the length of a western diamondback rattlesnake in the research pit at the World’s Largest Rattlesnake Roundup in Sweetwater, Texas, March 14. The Jaycees also record the weight and sex of the snake but not where it was caught.

Aaron Hedge

I like to write about human-wildlife relationships, mostly.

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